Sunday, April 14, 2013

On a scale of 1 to 10, how devoted are you to your purpose? Devotion is defined as affection or dedication to a person or thing. Purpose is defined as the objective towards which one strives for. It is a reason for existing. I like to say it is how one justifies their existence. Here is what I mean by that. Each of us is an investment. We have been vested with this magnificent life and it is up to us to make the very best of it. Each of us is given the same amount of time. We all get 365 days per year, 52 weeks, and 24 hours in a day. It is a sad thing that so many are living lives without purpose. Many people are living aimless lives.  They have not yet established a target to shoot for.
Years ago, a very popular book called, "Purpose Driven Life", was put forth by Rick Warren. This book obviously struck a chord with a large percentage of our population. The book was presented from a Christian perspective but the title of the book prompts every person who sees it to question the purpose of their life. Many more years ago Napoleon Hill, in his, "16 Laws of Success", stated that, "A definite purpose is the start of any successful achievement." I highlighted these two works to stress the importance of purpose. I also want to stress that it is up to you to uncover, discover, and define your purpose. Leave this responsibility to no one. Resist the temptation to be lazy-minded and let someone give you a purpose. The purpose for your life is within you. If you are not living your unique purpose, you can be sure that you are fulfilling the purpose of someone else. Get out of other people's agenda and get into your own. You have the responsibility to do this. Once you find your purpose, you must exercise great devotion to it. Go about the fulfillment of it with tremendous passion.
Each of us must ask ourselves these questions:

1) What is the purpose for my life?
2) What do I need to do today to align with my purpose?
3) Am I justifying my existence by living a life devoted to my purpose? 

You are the crown of creation. You are gifted with talents that will assist you in fulfilling your purpose.You are a worthy investment. You are worthy of the air you breath, the energy that moves you, and the life that is you. Your purpose is calling out to you. Answer the call promptly. Get clear on your purpose, then all you need is devotion!!!